Jidaw Systems Limited

Jidaw has been helping people and organizations interested in growth and empowerment with Information and Communications Technology.

Mission Statement
“More Power, Better Lives and Sustainable Growth through Knowledge, Technology and quality Values”

Access to knowledge, not just knowledge is power. And what you do with knowledge is the priority not just access. With the right thinking and insights we can all make better choices in social, education, business and health matters. Making a difference means having this power. Digital literacy, as well as access to knowledge, information and communications should be for all.

Jidaw’s corporate slogan “More Knowledge! More Power!” captures key aspect of the Organization’s goals and strategies. In addition Jidaw believes in quality values and sustainable growth that places people and better lives first.

Candidates trained by Jidaw have posted solid results in international certification exams such as Cisco, CompTIA, Linux, A+ and MCSE.
Several Jidaw students have scored 1,000 in Cisco CCNA – the maximum score for this high value and globally recognized certification and maximum scores in A+ certification..

JIDAW Systems Ltd. is a Corporate Member of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), that has contributed significantly to the growth and development of Computer Technology in Nigeria. Jidaw Systems is in addition an active member of the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the leading global association that works to develop vendor-neutral standards in e-commerce, customer service, work force development and training certification. It is recognized in industry that Jidaw popularized CompTIA A+ certification in Nigeria.


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