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Diligent Ltd is active in the production, promotion and usage of vegetable oil, mainly Jatropha oil. We are producers of Jatropha oil and biodiesel for purposes and offer consultancy services for anyone who wants to grow or use Jatropha. Diligent ltd. is continuously researching all aspects related to vegetable oil. Our office is located in Arusha, but our activities stretch to a much larger area of and Africa. Diligent ltd. currently promotes the cultivation of Jatropha Curcas and provides farmers with a guaranteed market for their . The are processed into oil, called , which can be used as diesel substitute. We are related to the , Diligent , (www.diligent.nl).

Sustainable development
Using vegetable oil instead of fossil has many advantages. It has an almost closed carbon dioxide cycle, because the CO2 emitted during is first captured by the plant during its growth. This helps to stop the global rise in the atmosphere, leading to global warming (the so called greenhouse effect). Diligent Tanzania is working together with local farmers in growing Jatropha curcas. One of the fundamentals of Diligent’s is paying a fair price. In this way the profit is double: vegetable oil is not only a renewable, nearly CO2 neutral fuel, also a contribution is made to a fair distribution of over the world, as Tanzanian farmers can build their future using the revenues from the Jatropha sales.

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  • December 15, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    Diligent Tanzania Ltd’s active efforts in promotion of jatropha biodiesel ensures the development of sustainable greener fuels to the world.Jatropha is an interesting plant which requires low input and gives a good oil yield.Jatropha is seen by many as the perfect biodiesel crop can be considered as a productive option to replace fossil fuel technology.Jatropha provides good economic benefits and jobs to the rural population.Jatropha provides good environmental benefits such as reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, soil stability and watershed protection.Jatropha has the potential to become one of the world’s key energy crops and its future lies in the continuous research and development.See our report on Jatropha here – http://www.biozio.com/ref/report/jat/jatropha_biodiesel.html


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