What happened at our Black Business Model Masterclass

After months of research and business mapping, we pitched our Black Business Model Masterclass in . In the session, 7 different nationalities with innovation people from Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium of course. Their feedback so far: #excited #inspiring #great So yes, we’re happy as well!

With the former palace of Brussels as an inspiring location, we talked about Ponzi-schemes, human traffic, drug carriers, pirates, … and how they set up their . Insights into criminal models, it even triggered some journalists. We made it into several newspapers, and Nick was invited to talk about the subject on national television on De Laatste Show (late evening talk show).

Still curious about the examples? Let me give you 3 tactics to talk about with your colleagues over lunch!

  • Put time pressure on clients to act
    What’s making Groupon and penny auctions so popular? The fact that people have a certain time to act, otherwise they miss a great deal, is what gives these companies crucial benefits! Think about it, what are ways to increase time limitations? See it as a gamification technique and people will love it!
  • Fear or hope as an emotional payment
    Ever heard about parties? Parties where mothers bring their kids to in order to get infected by other kids (so that this happens in holidays instead of during school periods). Or lolly’s: for sale for only $50. A lot of industries are actually offering their products on the basis of fear or hope, often in an unethical way. Is this happening in your industry as well? It can also be done in a legal way. Do you have fear that your new the glass back of your new iPhone might break? Apple has an insurance product that they bundle with the iPhone sales!
  • Better stuff or better service?
    The people of Xalisco Network are not regular heroin dealers, they bring door-to-door delivery, have their own over phone customer service and reward their clients with free heroin if they bring in new addicts. Obviously we don’t agree with this at all, but even there you see business strategies being implemented. Ask yourself: does your company focus on better stuff or a better service?

Interested in more criminal tactics? Let’s have a Black Business Models workshop, get in touch!

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