Design-Driven Innovation for Sustainability: A New Method for Developing a Sustainable Value Proposition

This paper offers two starting points bridged by a question: The first point is the field of concepts that can help transform a resource-wasting society into a sustainable one. The second point is the field of design-driven that can generate sustainable economic success by designing products and services that meet people’s needs. A question bridges these two starting points: How do we design sustainable products to make them more successful? This essay introduces a tool to help companies develop innovative products and services that are sustainable for the environment, the economy and society: the Sustainable Value Proposition Tool (SVPT).

  • Content Type Journal Article
  • Category Research Article
  • Pages 11-24
  • DOI 10.1260/1757-2223.4.1.11
  • Authors
    • Matthias Müller, Msc., Mensch Design Innovation GmbH, Winterthur, Switzerland

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