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Join Rising Voices, Social Media Exchange (SMEX) and the New for an online for greater digital citizen participation from August 8 to 14, 2012. (Link to dialogue:

Across the globe, new physical spaces are emerging that are acting as catalysts for using digital technologies. Telecenters are going beyond providing computer access to communities, to providing workshops to train citizens on how to use digital technology effectively to promote change. Hacklabs offer a physical space where activists and technologists can come together to find innovative solutions to local problems.  These are just a few examples of the innovative use of physical space to encourage and empower greater digital citizen participation!

How can you participate?
This online dialogue is open to anyone interested in sharing their experiences and ideas on this topic!  All you need to do is join the New Tactics online community by going to and add your comments to the dialogue.

Although the internet has provided new ways for people to work together virtually, people are finding complementary energy from working face-to-face. Mobilizers and mentors for users of these spaces have a commitment to see their local communities become more active through the use of digital tools. This dialogue is an opportunity to exchange innovative examples of how these physical spaces are being used as catalysts for greater citizen participation.  Join us on August 8!

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