Environmental sustainability in hotels: a matter of category?

As in other economic activities, companies in the have proposed several practices and implemented to pursue of their activities and minimise their impact on climate change.

Some applications of information and communication technologies (ICT) may contribute to the reduction of the demand of supplies, water and energy by hotels. In the present paper, we aim at exploring the influence of the on the implementation of environmental-friendly technologies in hotels. Considering a sample of Spanish hotels in the most important cities, we evaluate the relationship between the level of implementation of certain technology solutions and the .

As a result, we observe that, in general, the higher the hotel category, the more intensive the investment in technology solutions. Notwithstanding, for some particular technologies, no significant differences across hotel category are observed. Therefore, we conclude that lodging in an environmental friendly hotel is not a category consideration and we provide a set of recommendations for practitioners and policy makers that may orientate their decisions on ICT for the hospitality industry.
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