Attempt on improving property of highly-densified biomass resources for renewable energy

To develop improved physical and calorific properties of highly-densified plant , a new hot-pressing process was invented, in which are subject to hot-compaction accompanied with flow deformation in a closed container, and the effects of compressing and temperature conditions for various on the bulk density, size-stability and the calorific value were investigated.

Results showed that the compactability of the biomasses was improved with increasing moisture contents and heat-holding time, and highly-densified products with the bulk density of roughly 1.35 g/cm³ were obtained from all plant-biomasses. In addition, the products from cedar wood chip at specific temperature and pressure conditions got improved size-stability against moisture, and they kept their shapes even in boiling water. The calorific value of the products showed about 6,000 cal/cm³, which is around 60% of the coal. Therefore, some advantages of these highly-densified biomasses for energy use compared with existing solidified products were confirmed.
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