Service-based differentiation strategies for business incubators: Exploring external and internal alignment

December 2012
Publication year: 2012
Source:Technovation, Volume 32, Issue 12

Strategic positioning and fit theories may inform the service-based differentiation strategies that incubators use to secure . External alignment relates to and perceptions; internal alignment involves a competence configuration for each strategy alternative. By implementing the proposed framework, an incubator can achieve service differentiation and ultimately enhanced customer (tenant) value. Qualitative research among nonprofit economic development incubators reveals two service-based differentiation positions: specialists and generalists. Whereas extant research advocates only a specialist stance, the present analysis confirms that service-based differentiation can result from a generalist stance. This study offers the first typology of that aligns strategy with external and internal variables.


► This article examines service-based differentiation strategies for business incubators. ► Tenant service expectations are aligned with strategic service-based positions. ► A competence configuration is developed for each service-based differentiation alternative.

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