Explore Nairobi

is an application which provides a concise overview of Nairobi, East ’s busiest tourist, business and social hub and one of the world’s 25 fastest growing large cities.

The app comprises of well presented and easy to understand information regarding the best attractions the of Nairobi has to offer.

You do not need internet connection to access majority of the application as it provides great offline content hence you can enjoy the experience without the worries of connectivity. For the segments that require internet connection please be aware that data roaming charges may apply if accessed through cellular data connections.

Armed with Explore Nairobi you will be:

– Informed on Nairobi’s rich history and its evolution to a vibrant African city.

– Informed on Nairobi’s major sights/attractions.

– Enlightened on the city’s major music/sounds.

– Enlightened on basic conversational tips depending on your activities e.g. shopping, eating out.

– Aware of the best in terms of restaurants, hotels, markets and museums.

– Aware of the city’s major events for the upcoming calendar year.


Through the app you can follow the app on Facebook and Twitter for updates and to be updated on the latest happening in the city.


With the above said download Explore Nairobi from Google Play (just search for ‘Explore Nairobi’) and experience one of Africa’s fastest growing and dynamic cities.

Get the app:

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