Tulane’s New National ICT Resource Tool


Interested in reading Ethiopia’s National ICT Policy? Looking for Costa Rica’s National Plan of Telecommunications Development? Or perhaps Cambodia’s National Proposed Policy for ICT Development for 2015?

Students from Jessica Ports’ IDEV4100: ICT4D course at Tulane University have finished compiling resources from a semester-long project, focusing on a country-by-country analysis of ICT resources available internationally. The result is a fascinating list of ICT4D resources from over 35 countries. The list includes national ICT policies and strategies, related government agencies/ministries, and external resources regarding each country’s technological capacity and strategies for ICT development. The data is then organized by region based on UNDP’s Human Development Report.

The resource was launched just last week, but Ports’ students have been building out the dataset for several semesters. The goal is to create an evolving resources, and will continue updating the information and adding countries as they’re studied each semester. Well done!

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