Finger millet genomics project to provide researchers with better tools for variety production

Finger millet is a staple food for South Asia and East Africa where it has been grown widely for thousands of years. The importance of finger millet as one of the solutions to food security cannot be underestimated considering the many uses of the crop in a farmer’s household. It is a source of food … Read more

Using Open Innovation to combat Ebola

KAMPALA, UGANDA – In light of the persistence of the Ebola outbreak and the demands it has placed on global infection containment resources and processes, the United States government disaster response community recognised an opportunity to use open innovation to make significant strides in advancing the ability to combat Ebola. The results include a local … Read more

Beekeeping innovation for sustaining rural livelihoods. A success story

Over the last six decades, international development assistance agencies have tried to introduce innovations in developing countries to stimulate development and improve the quality of life of the poor. The results have been mixed. This paper presents the results of an evaluation of a project introducing modern beekeeping practices to increase household incomes among small … Read more

Exploring different cultural configurations: how do they affect subsidiaries’ knowledge sharing behaviors?

Journal of Knowledge Management, Volume 19, Issue 2, Page 141-163, April 2015. Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of different cultural typologies (i.e. innovative, competitive, bureaucratic and community) on employees’ knowledge-sharing processes within multinational corporations (MNCs) by taking a subsidiary perspective. It particularly applies the competing values framework to … Read more

Bio-enhanced Seeds: creating the next generation of seeds

Horticulture is one of the sub sectors in Agriculture that has shown great promise as a foreign exchange earner in the region particularly for Ethiopia and Kenya. Kenya is the top exporter of fresh produce and flowers in sub-Saharan Africa with horticulture contributing 36 percent to the agricultural GDP and continues to grow at between … Read more

Bio-pesticides can secure our horticulture

Kenyan farmers are bearing the brunt of strict European Union (EU) regulations on pesticides which threaten to cripple the horticulture sector. Fruits and vegetables are highly prone to pest and disease attacks due to their succulent nature thus informing the widespread use of pesticides. However, there are growing global concerns of their impact on consumer health, … Read more

Refections on 1st World Open Innovation Conference

The Garfield Center for Corporate Innovation reported that on December 4-5, 2014, Napa Valley became a get-away for Open Innovation academics and industry leaders–an international gathering place for the 1st Annual World Open Innovation Conference (WOIC). Open Innovation experts conglomerated in one place to share their thoughts, ideas, and findings on Open Innovation. Attendees heard … Read more

Ecomagination: Progress in Open Innovation

The GE Sustainability website reported that in 2014 GE’s Open Innovation program Ecomagination launched two open innovation challenges to bring the power of the innovation community together to tackle pressing water and energy challenges. With the addition of these two 2014 challenges, Ecomagination has launched six open innovation challenges spanning the U.S., China, Australia and … Read more

Big steps toward Ghana’s digital future

“Digitization” is a relatively niche topic in within information and communication technology (ICT), but the demand for “digitization” in the development field has grown significantly over the last few years, especially in Africa.When we say “digitization”, you may think that it is just scanning or capturing paper records into a digital format. That’s partially correct, … Read more