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LynkMii Launches Global Online Business Directory.

An international, online business directory called LynkMii has been launched, offering members the opportunity to post free listings of companies on their website. Designed for Apple and Android devices, the service enables businesses to use the website, mobile-site and native apps to bring their goods, services and promotions to millions of users and potential customers. […]

Regional experts meet to discuss sustainable management of industrial effluent in East Africa”

On 19-20 May the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) of Ethiopia in conjunction with Bio-Innovate Program convened a two-day regional meeting in Addis Ababa that brought together environmental management regulators, high-level policy makers and industry owners and players to discuss and recommend enabling policies and regulations needed for efficient and sustainable industrial effluent management […]

Bionic bird takes flight in South Africa

Two bionic innovations were, this week, displayed in South Africa for the first time. The Festo SmartBird, which replicated the wing motion of a Herring Gull in a robotic form, and the BionicOpter, a flying robot based on the dragonfly, took flight at the nineteenth World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) […]