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I started Innovation Africa in December 2005  as a content aggregation service, providing content from inside and outside Africa.  Since then, we have become a central source for external knowledge for firms, organisations and institutions across Africa.

Our Mission is to reduce poverty and drive economic development by disseminating information & knowledge on Innovation.

Our goal is to empower individuals and organisations with information and knowledge that will increase their capacity to innovate.

Innovation Africa is a must read for business owners, executives, policy makers, consultants and academics. In short,

(a)Innovation Africa connects you to regional and global news,  research, insights and knowledge on Innovation Management;

(b) Report on South-South Innovations (The development and exchange of South-South knowledge will be an essential element in Innovation Management in African countries); and

(c) we facilitate learning.

What makes us different?

Innovation Africa is a learning space. We do not only report on news, but we also cover research, insights and theoretical concepts.

We realize Africa is a diverse continent. Innovation strategies must reflect the different stages of development in each country. Therefore, our reports cover a wide variety of topics; Science; technology; Nano technology (suitable to countries like South Africa), biotechnology, Green technologies and more.

We also cover non technological innovations reflecting the need for countries to build their management skills and capacity. We believe that new business processes offers opportunities for innovation in Africa.


Why Innovation Africa.org

Innovation is an imperative for African countries.

The last half-century has seen different approaches to development which haveachieved varying degrees of success. The problems of poverty and inequality are growing, not diminishing, and this is making it more urgent to find solutions to these and other problems, such as climate change.

As developed countries and the OECD address these issues, some common themes are emerging. …….. A related theme is innovation. Innovation is about creating value from knowledge.

Learning how to support innovation in developing countries is a challenge, but rising to the challenge will help people to create wealth and to contribute to their society.

Innovation and the Development Agenda: An OECD Innovation Strategy

Innovation is about knowledge; exploiting knowledge to solve problems and  to create value.  One of the principle goal of this website is to be a repository for knowledge. This website will support innovation in African countries by accumulating and distribute resources, knowledge and inspiration to individuals, company’s, organisations and institutions. There are hundreds of resources on Innovation Management. On our website, we will provide the most important and relevant to Africa.

Government leaders as well as business leaders face a global economy in which competitiveness and economic prosperity  is determined by knowledge. Leaders need to creative in meeting the social and business challenges of their countries.  Africa as a continent, must now embrace innovation in both the private and public sectors. The underlying drivers of  – globalisation and technology- are having an unimaginable impact on Africa. The development challenge cannot be met without Innovation in science and business.

In the final analysis, Innovation is the engine for growth; innovation is a driver of socio-economic transformation and progress leading to sustainable development.

Francis Stevens George, Founder and President, InnovationAfrica.org

“Just as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas the source of innovation, so is innovation the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress”

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