Innovation and Production in Manufacturing Industry: a Comparative Study about Global Chains

A new logic in the capitalist accumulation process has emerged in the last four decades. The hypothesis of the article is that this new logic expresses itself in the manufacturing industry through the increasing segmentation of product innovation and product manufacturing activities, and the integration of two alternative types of innovation activities: informational and aesthetic-expressive. Starting from an approach that combines different theoretical categories (global value chain, historical system of accumulation, disconnection between innovation and production capabilities) and a methodology based on the analysis of secondary sources of information, three productive chains have been studied: pharmaceutical, apparel and consumer electronics. The outcome of the research confirms the formulated hypothesis and allows us to detect specificities in the content of innovation, the constitution of entry barriers and the geographical dispersion in each chain.
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Categorizing the collaboration and community promotion spaces that make urban innovation ecosystems tick

A variety of collaboration spaces are spreading across urban innovation ecosystems. This makes sense intuitively, because collaboration spaces create and — in some cases — manage and sustain the communities that make the ecosystem exist and grow.

Collaboration space in Barcelona, Spain.
​Photo: Victor Mulas

I believe that collaboration spaces are, in fact, one of the key elements to create and grow urban innovation ecosystems in cities. Our current research in mapping urban innovation is starting to provide results that seem to validate this hypothesis. We are seeing that collaboration spaces that create and manage communities are critical nodes of city urban innovation ecosystems.

We will share more results about this analysis in future blogs but given the relevance of these spaces, I summarized what I believe are the most relevant categories of collaboration spaces. This list, which I prepared for a paper I am working on, is not prescriptive and it is not closed by any means. To the contrary, it just presents a starting point and I welcome comments to expand and refine these categories.

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Please RSVP for Our Twitter Chat on December 4th: Digital Payments in Developing Countries

Photograph by Orgad Lootski

Safety and transparency are very important issues when it comes to sending and receiving digital payments within developing countries. Establishing trust in digital payments system and sufficient levels of consumer protection and transparency of service terms are key to broader adoption of digital payments. What’s being done to help reduce this concern?

To bring this issue to the forefront, the ICTworks community is joining with the Global Broadband and Innovations Alliance (GBI), a partnership between USAID and NetHope, and the Better Than Cash Alliance to host a Twitter Chat as we near International Anti-Corruption Day on December 9th, 2014.

Please RSVP here!

Join us on December 4th at 12 noon Eastern time using the #ICTchat hashtag to debate the merits and issues of digital payments with four thought leaders:

We’ll start off with a quick round of introductions and then dive into three key questions on the safety and transparency of digital payments:

  1. How are digital payments safer for those making and receiving payments in developing countries?
  2. What digital payments consumer protection standards and best practices are emerging for transparency in fees and terms of service?
  3. GSMA recently released a code of conduct for mobile money operators. What does this do and what does it mean for transparency?

As with all our Twitter Chats, it will be a fast-paced, global conversation that you’ll not want to miss. So mark your calendar now:

Twitter Chat: Digital Payments in Developing Countries
December 4, 2014
9am-10:30am PST (17:00 GMT)
Join with the hashtag #ICTchat

See you on December 4th!

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Seminar: Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship

The ABIS Global site announced that an Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Seminar will be held at the ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain on May 18, 2015. Henry Chesbrough, Ken Morse and Wim Vanhaverbeke, the three renowned experts who have been helping companies find the right paths to achieve success for more than 20 years, will provide insights into the key aspects of global entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, vertical market focus, global sales and sales management, open innovation and corporate venturing. The topic of the course is “Using New Business Models to Create Major Sources of Revenue and Profits”.



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New Nigerian and African Movie Platform Provides World Class Quality, Features and Apps

You’ve certainly heard of Hollywood. You’ve probably heard of Bollywood. But have you heard of Nollywood? Nigeria’s home-grown film industry is the world’s second-largest in terms of the number of hours of film released each year. The BBC recently estimated the annual value of Nollywood at $5 Billion. And like Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, Nollywood is growing at an impressive rate. Now, NollyLand Direct Ltd, a start-up based in the US and Nigeria, has launched NollyLand – a new Video Streaming Platform that is taking Nollywood and other African film industries to a global audience.

Dr. Ngozi Uti, NollyLand’s Founder and CEO

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