Is Nurturing Creativity a Luxury or a Necessity for Schools in Developing Nations?

After attending the World Innovation Summit for Education, I’m convinced that creativity matters – particularly as it applies to teaching and learning in developing nations. The central theme of this year’s summit was “Imagine-Create-Learn: Creativity at the Heart of Education.”…
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Linear and Nonlinear Thinking: A Multidimensional Model and Measure

Abstract Building upon previously developed and more general dual-process models, this paper provides empirical support for a multidimensional thinking style construct comprised of linear thinking and multiple dimensions of nonlinear thinking. A self-report assessment instrument (Linear/Nonlinear Thinking Style Profile; LNTSP)…
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Opening up Openness to Experience: A Four-Factor Model and Relations to Creative Achievement in the Arts and Sciences

Abstract Openness to experience is the broadest personality domain of the Big Five, including a mix of traits relating to intellectual curiosity, intellectual interests, perceived intelligence, imagination, creativity, artistic and aesthetic interests, emotional and fantasy richness, and unconventionality. Likewise, creative…
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