Big steps toward Ghana’s digital future

“Digitization” is a relatively niche topic in within information and communication technology (ICT), but the demand for “digitization” in the development field has grown significantly over the last few years, especially in Africa.When we say “digitization”, you may think that it is just scanning or capturing paper records into a digital format. That’s partially correct, … Read more

Burkina Faso’s revolution – an extreme case of open data and government transition

Literally translated Burkina Faso means “land of the upright people”. It has long been one of West Africa’s most stable countries, despite having one of world’s lowest GDPs and being surrounded by countries with serious security issues, like Mali and Nigeria. In October 2014 Burkina Faso found its way onto TV screens around the world … Read more

Negawatt in the making: Ghanaians host the first energy efficiency Challenge

Challenge participants at the Negawatt Weekend kickoff on March 14. Photo: Alison Roadburg As a rapidly urbanizing capital, Accra, Ghana has been experiencing increased economic activity, coupled with rising migration. An increase in urban residents means an uptick in the demand for energy, both electricity and fuel. The city has constrained human and financial resources to … Read more