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Four Lessons From a Social Entrepreneur

News headlines are replete with stories of a growing youth bulge and impending youth unemployment crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is the bad news. However, many social entrepreneurs are at work even now creating solutions to these types of challenges—a sort of counter-balance that shapes fortune out of misfortune. And within Africa, innovators are stepping […]

Clean Data for Cleaner Cookstoves

Globally, slightly fewer than 3 billion people cook their daily meals on inefficient devices fueled by charcoal or firewood. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change estimates that only 10 percent of the energy in the fuel is utilized to cook, so much more fuel is consumed than is needed. In addition, the low combustion temperature […]

Mobile Money in the Democratic Republic of Congo

A large portion of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) economy consists of small businesses, and most of them operate exclusively in cash. With only 4 percent of adults in DRC having an account at a formal financial institution, alternatives such as mobile money are key to improving the efficiency and security of small business […]