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Innovation education programs: toward a conceptual framework

Abstract Purpose – Innovation education has been identified as a key contributor to enhancing the innovative behavior of individuals, organizations and economies; yet very little literature exists on the development and assessment of innovation education programs (IEPs). This is particularly so in the higher education and vocational education domains. The purpose of this paper is […]

Enabling collaborative innovation – knowledge protection for knowledge sharing

Abstract Purpose – Collaboration for research and development (R&D) and innovation among various organizations can be beneficial and in some cases even imperative, but in order to realise the potential, effective management is required. Effective innovation requires firms to share their core knowledge, and simultaneously make sure that they will not lose their core knowledge […]

An organizational competence model for innovation intermediaries

Abstract Purpose – This paper addresses the role of intermediaries in open innovation networks in achieving ICT enabled innovations. The ultimate goal of open innovation networks is to create value for endusers and providers, and to share the risks and rewards. The aim of this paper is to analyse the competences that intermediaries in open […]

Integrating risk management in the innovation project

Abstract Purpose – While innovation has many similarities to other forms of projects it is characterised by a high failure rate and the need to stimulate creativity. More explicit risk management could help in achieving success in innovation projects. However, too much or inappropriate risk management might stifle the creativity that is core to innovation. […]

Product innovation processes and the trade-off between product innovation performance and business performance

Abstract Purpose – This paper is concerned with the management and organization of product innovation processes, and how innovation performance relates to business performance. The underlying rationale is that encouraging firms to innovate will lead to a better business performance. Design/methodology/approach – This study leverages a data-set of 99 medium-sized technology firms in Sweden. The […]

Complexities in innovation management in companies from the European industry: A path model of innovation project performance determinants

Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to provide an integrated framework of complex relations among innovation characteristics, organizational capabilities, innovation potential and innovation performance. Design/methodology/approach – The model is tested using partial least squares (PLS) modeling and 22 high- (96 respondents) and 16 (93 respondents) low-performing innovation projects from nine companies from […]

ASU, Georgia Tech create breakthrough for solar cell efficiency

New atomic layer-by-layer InGaN technology offers perfect crystal Did you know that crystals form the basis for the penetrating icy blue glare of car headlights and could be fundamental to the future in solar energy technology? Crystals are at the heart of diodes. Not the kind you might find in quartz, formed naturally, but manufactured […]