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New program offers blueprint and ‘Golden Rules’ for increasing sustainable electricity in developing countries

Global outreach effort by electricity giants fosters bottom-up approach to strong Public-Private Partnerships; ‘Golden Rules’ draw on lessons worldwide The first hybrid wind-diesel electricity park in Ecuador’s famed Galápagos World Heritage Site, built by the private sector in partnership with the national and local governments, has for the past five years successfully reduced costly diesel […]

The Role of the Complementary Sector and its Relationship with Network Formation and Government Policies in Emerging Sectors: The Case of Solar Photovoltaics Between 2001 and 2009

Understanding the role of government policies in promoting the introduction of renewable technologies can help to catalyze the transition toward a more sustainable energy system. The literature on technological transitions using a multi-level perspective suggests that the co-evolution of the niche market (the new technology) and the complementary regime may have an important role to […]

Researchers Read the Coffee Grounds and Find a Promising Energy Resource For the Future

What’s usually considered old garbage might be a promising asset for our energy supply, according to University of Cincinnati researchers. For many of us, it’s the fuel that wakes us up and gets us started on our day. Now, University of Cincinnati researchers are discovering that an ingredient in our old coffee grounds might someday […]

The Energy Technology Innovation System

This article reviews the concept of an energy technology innovation system (ETIS). The ETIS is a systemic perspective on innovation comprising all aspects of energy transformations (supply and demand); all stages of the technology development cycle; as well as all the major innovation processes, feedbacks, actors, institutions, and networks. Go to Source Tags: ETIS, energy […]

Who Wins with the Smart Grid?: Uncertain economics cloud the grid’s future

The phrase “smart grid” connotes an alluring, wired, high-tech future. A future pulsing with the promise of a better tomorrow slickly packaged in cutting-edge technology—technology that seems to offer something advantageous for everyone. The smart grid promises to transform our country’s hodge-podge of aging electrical infrastructure into a sleek twenty-first-century entity, one complete with computerization, […]

The constraints in managing a transition towards clean energy technologies in developing nations: reflections on energy governance and alternative policy options

p5rn7vb From The purpose of this paper is to provide a conceptual framework stimulating a sustainable energy transition in developing nations. Based on the existing literature, we first index theoretical factors preventing deployment of low carbon technologies. Tags: sustainable energy, Renewable, Technology, developed nation, carbon

Dynamic growth in a photovoltaic market

From The growth of a new industry is a dynamic process governed by both reinforcing and goal seeking feedback, which are in turn created by entrepreneurs, policy-makers, industry leaders and other actors. In this paper I present a system dynamics model of the growth of a new industry based on the features of a local […]