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How Hybrid and Private Clouds Solve Problems for Schools with Limited Connectivity


The use of digital content is an exciting concept for schools in developing communities. Schools all over the world, especially those in developing countries, are adopting videos, ebooks, and interactive software to supplement the learning experience. However, schools with limited Internet (including some access to the Internet but sporadic and/or low bandwidth) face unique challenges. […]

For Breakthrough Innovation, Focus on Possibility, Not Profitability

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More than 15 years after its founding, Google remains a company that inspires profound admiration — and at times, a bit of confusion. The company is currently investing in self-driving cars, a futuristic idea that some people believe will never be achieved. It’s also rolling out Google Glass, a wearable computing device that’s inspired skepticism […]

What’s the Best IT Equipment to Use in Harsh Environments?


ICT4D practitioners work in all kinds of difficult weather conditions and environments. Dust, humidity, unreliable power, heat, and blowing sand can all make it tricky to keep IT equipment clean and working efficiently for users. Recently United Methodist Communications (UMCom) asked Inveneo to test, rate, and recommend IT equipment suitable for the diverse environments that […]

Cognitive consequences of business shut down. The case of Ugandan repeat entrepreneurs


Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to focus on the cognitive and motivational consequences of a business failure, and their relation with subsequent start up success. The paper hypothesizes that if previous business failure was attributed to an internal and stable cause, subsequent business would be less successful compared to where an […]

An African LTE Mobile Network Future

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This entry is part 4 of 6 in my series Africa and Spectrum 2.0 If you follow communication infrastructure in Africa, you would be forgiven if you have begun to think of LTE as the promised land. There is no doubt that nobile networks have transformed access on the continent. Now, we are apparently just […]