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New GSMA Guide: Forming Successful Partnerships With Mobile Network Operators

Partnerships are vital to achieving scale, sustainability and success in the M4D sector. A 2014 GSMA Mobile for Development Impact survey of representatives from mobile operator Value Added Service (VAS) departments from 38 countries found that operators recognize that they cannot work alone and successful partnerships with third party providers are crucial to deliver successful […]

16 New Priorities for ICT4D Policy and Practice in a Post-2015 World

In 2016, the Millennium Development Goals will be replaced by the post-2015 development agenda (PTDA). The foundational content is in place for this new agenda, which will be the single most-important force shaping the future of international development and, hence, the single most-important force shaping the future of information-and-communication-technology-for-development (ICT4D). In planning prospective ICT4D priorities, […]

4 Steps to Establishing a Technology Ecosystem in Kenya

Kenya’s capital Nairobi, the birthplace of M-Pesa, has established itself as the “tech centre” in Africa within seven years. The rise of M-Pesa is impressive: in 2007 the local mobile services provider Safaricom in partnership with its shareholder Vodafone launched a mobile-based money-transfer service as a non- profit project. Just six years later a third […]

How Hybrid and Private Clouds Solve Problems for Schools with Limited Connectivity


The use of digital content is an exciting concept for schools in developing communities. Schools all over the world, especially those in developing countries, are adopting videos, ebooks, and interactive software to supplement the learning experience. However, schools with limited Internet (including some access to the Internet but sporadic and/or low bandwidth) face unique challenges. […]

Drones for Development: Humanitarian Use Cases

Satellite images have been used to support humanitarian efforts for decades. Why? A bird’s eye view of a disaster-affected area simply captures far more information than most Earth-based data-collection technologies can. In short, birds have more situational awareness than we do. In contrast to satellites, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAV) offer significantly higher-resolution imagery, are unobstructed […]

Everything Wrong in ICT4D Academia in One Research Paper

Did you know you could set up a Google Scholar Alert for academic papers that mention your favorite topic? I have one set up for “ICT4D” just to see what research is new or interesting in my favorite profession. I usually find gems like Malawi Television White Spaces (TVWS) Pilot Network Performance Analysis or Brokers […]