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Creating the right environment for adding value in agribusiness

A poor enabling environment for entrepreneurs is one of the main obstacles to lift African agriculture, traditionally focused on commodities trading, into a flourishing agribusiness sector. New approaches should lead to a sector which sells its products to local and regional markets and has serious job creation potential. Go to Source Tags: Environment, agribusiness

Kenya Climate Innovation Center launches

A new business hub for African climate technology entrepreneurs was launched in Nairobi today to boost locally sourced green technologies in the Africa region. The Kenya Climate Innovation Center (CIC), a cutting-edge facility, will offer financing and other services to a growing network of climate innovators and entrepreneurs. Go to Source Tags: Kenya Climate Innovation […]

Social enterprise app takes on gender violence in Africa

Showcasing social enterprise’s new resources in the mobile era, Anne Shongwe—a 25-year South African development veteran—has partnered with UNWomen, Nokia, and other institutions to combat gender-based violence in Africa through an awareness-spreading mobile app. p5rn7vb Tags: violence in Africa, app, social enterprise, gender, mobile