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LynkMii Launches Global Online Business Directory.

An international, online business directory called LynkMii has been launched, offering members the opportunity to post free listings of companies on their website. Designed for Apple and Android devices, the service enables businesses to use the website, mobile-site and native apps to bring their goods, services and promotions to millions of users and potential customers. […]

Innovation as Improvisation ‘In The Shadow’

In this article, we explore processes of innovation – which are inherently uncertain – from a complexity perspective, in which they are understood as new patterns of experiences as they emerge in human conversational interaction. We reflect on local interactions between people involved in emerging processes of innovation, with a particular emphasis on the improvisational […]

Forecasting Success in Innovation Teams

A 2012 study by the Harvard Business Review surfaced several interesting findings about the practice of innovation for the enterprise, including the innovation ambition matrix, which details how “firms that excel at total innovation management simultaneously invest at three levels of ambition, carefully managing the balance among them.” Go to Source No tags for this […]

Developing a Strong Eco-System Which Drives Innovation

p5rn7vb Innovation policy is about the challenge of contributing to the wide objectives such as employment, sustainability and economic growth. How to approach such a task? The answer is simple but the effort complex: Aim for a strong innovation eco-system. Referring to the case of the IMP³rove Euromed Project the article suggests four systematic steps […]

Company Culture: A Driving Force For Innovation

Real innovation will starts with your company culture. Your shared values will help your business grow while stale company culture can sink you entirely. Your company culture can change in subtle ways over time but there are many ways to keep your infrastructure on task and in line with your overall mission. Simply stated, a […]