Refections on 1st World Open Innovation Conference

The Garfield Center for Corporate Innovation reported that on December 4-5, 2014, Napa Valley became a get-away for Open Innovation academics and industry leaders–an international gathering place for the 1st Annual World Open Innovation Conference (WOIC). Open Innovation experts conglomerated in one place to share their thoughts, ideas, and findings on Open Innovation. Attendees heard … Read more

Using Open Innovation to combat Ebola

KAMPALA, UGANDA – In light of the persistence of the Ebola outbreak and the demands it has placed on global infection containment resources and processes, the United States government disaster response community recognised an opportunity to use open innovation to make significant strides in advancing the ability to combat Ebola. The results include a local … Read more

Ecomagination: Progress in Open Innovation

The GE Sustainability website reported that in 2014 GE’s Open Innovation program Ecomagination launched two open innovation challenges to bring the power of the innovation community together to tackle pressing water and energy challenges. With the addition of these two 2014 challenges, Ecomagination has launched six open innovation challenges spanning the U.S., China, Australia and … Read more

Building Business Models

The LiveMint website noted that the reason a business model exists is because it articulates how a business creates, delivers and captures value. This is vital. Then why aren’t there as many books on business models as there are on strategy? The answer is perhaps linked to another question: why don’t organizations devote attention to … Read more

The Missing Link in Open Innovation

An article on the LinkedIn website noted that the open innovation movement is in full swing, and companies everywhere are turning to external sources for new product ideas. But, with open innovation now the standard business model, how can your company truly gain a competitive advantage? More specifically, where can you look for new products … Read more

Business Model Innovation

The Business 2 Community website noted that innovation at the level of the business model is innovation that helps create new markets and value networks, eventually displacing existing markets and value networks. This transformation has traditionally taken many years to play out but that is changing, and changing fast. What we are witnessing today is … Read more

Translating Open Science to Innovation

The Science | Business website noted that while an open philosophy of science has advanced impressively in the past two decades, one cannot yet claim that it has led to a similar increase in innovation. There are straightforward reasons for this. Once a new discovery is made, it is often unclear, or of less importance … Read more