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An unlikely incubator for female social entrepreneurs in rural Asia: Libraries”>video

“Being born a girl is worthless,” said Chuna Devi, a Nepalese woman. Because her family didn’t think her education was a priority, she grew up illiterate, herding goats and cows. Women make up just 24 percent of the formal workforce in South Asia, according to the Wall Street Journal. That represents a huge untapped resource: […]

What determines the performance of small enterprises in developing countries? Evidence from the handloom industry in Bangladesh

Family-based traditional microenterprises are abundant in developing countries, and in many cases they are a major source of income and employment for both urban and rural poor. With a few exceptions, however, most of these family-based traditional microenterprises in the rural areas of developing countries seldom grow in terms of enterprises’ size and product quality. […]

Innovation in Industrial Clusters: a Survey of Footwear Companies in Brazil

The aim of this study is to characterize the relationships in innovation and business clustering processes in the productive chain of small and medium enterprises (SME) of Brazil. The object of study are SMEs the local procuctive cluster of the shoes in Franca, State of São Paulo. The conceptual model developed is based on the […]

The Incubation Process and the Strengthening of the Firm: a Study in Brazilian Companies

High mortality rate and an environment in constant change set up a context in which the search for innovation becomes essential to business’ longevity. Incubation has been proposed as an alternative to start-up companies, giving support for their development. Seeking to explore which characteristics enable a firm’s development through incubation, a multiple case studies were […]

Surviving with paranoia through green and clean marketing in Indian FMCG sector

The Indian FMCG sector is excited about burgeoning rural population whose incomes are rising and which is willing to spend on goods designed to improve life style and are hence targeted by many producers through bold new strategies under the saturating and cut throat competition in urban market. This has caused market size of FMCG […]

Analysis of e-service of electricity utility provider: an Indian perspective

Customers always expect delivery of high quality services from a service provider at a reasonable cost. In turn, organisations recognise service quality as one of the major competing weapon for their own sustainability in a stiff competitive environment. Service quality represents the gap between customers’ expectations of how an organisation should perform and the service […]

Challenges and opportunities for biotechnology SMEs in Brazil

Challenges and opportunities for biotechnology SMEs in Brazil Waldemiro Francisco Sorte Junior International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Vol. 20, No. 2 (2013) pp. 135 – 147 This paper presents the current situation of Brazilian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the biotechnology sector, outlining the funding structure and presenting the main actors involved […]