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From relevance to relevate: How university-based business school can remain seats of “higher” learning and still contribute effectively to business

Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to tease out the real value-adding contributions university-based business schools can make to the business community and to society at large without compromising in any way its own ethos of academic rigour and scholarship in seeking knowledge and understanding for its own sake. Design/methodology/approach – This […]


Abstract Purpose – The article demonstrates that co-operation is a vital behavioural skill that should be developed in educational systems, particularly business and management programs, because it is an intangible factor that boosts productive output.Design/methodology/approach – The article explains why cooperation is an important intangible factor for organizations and the larger economy. It recommends the […]

On the origins of the worldwide surge in patenting: an industry perspective on the R&D-patent relationship

This article decomposes the R&D–patent relationship at the industry level to shed light on the sources of the worldwide surge in patent applications. The empirical analysis is based on a unique data set that includes five patent indicators computed for 18 industries in 19 countries covering the period from 1987 to 2005. The analysis shows […]

Management Learning, Performance and Reward: Theory and Practice Revisited

Abstract Purpose – Purpose: This paper explores the extent to which organizational learning is recognised through performance management systems as contributing to organizational effectiveness and competitive advantage. Design/methodology/approach – Methodology: It reviews several pieces of research, employing a wide range of methods, including: content analysis of managers’ reflections; questionnaires completed by managers and mentors; a […]

Corporate governance, value and performance of firms: new empirical results on convergence from a large international database

This article aims to revisit the link between corporate governance, value, and firm performance by focusing on convergence, understood as the way that non-US firms are adopting US best practice in terms of corporate governance, and the implications of this adoption. We examine theoretical questions related to conventional models (agency theory, transaction cost economics, and […]

The smart leader: examining the relationship between intelligence and leader development behavior

Abstract Purpose – The purpose of the present study is to examine the relationship between intelligence and behavior during leader development.Design/methodology/approach – As part of a leader development program, a variety of measures are collected, including measures of intelligence and measures of performance (e.g., assessment center performance, a 360-degree appraisal). The participants are given performance […]