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Category: Open Innovation

Success With Open Innovation Portals

The Idea Connection website noted that the high costs associated with R&D functions, the equally high risk of failure and uncertain economic conditions has led to an increase in the adoption of open innovation methods. They include technology scouting, partnerships, knowledge brokering, idea contests and crowdsourcing. One approach that’s been gaining a lot of traction […]

Open innovation and Bioscience

A blog on the BBSRC website noted two key concepts that are essential to developing a true open innovation environment. The first is proactive management of intellectual property (IP). Many people confuse open access with open innovation – open access is one model of open innovation where IP is made freely available. However IP can […]

Latest Research on R&D-Product Development Innovation

The Heraldonline website reported that the Goldense Group has announced the completion of its sixth primary research initiative on the strategies, processes, practices, and metrics used in North American R&D and Product Development Innovation. This study focused on R&D Operations, Organic Innovation, Open Innovation, Intellectual Property, and the Top 100 Productivity & Performance Metrics used […]

Making Knowledge Actionable: Three Key Translation Moments

Leaders regularly experience pressure to move innovation and change initiatives through their organizations. They face the challenge of transforming organizational changes and innovations from ideas into sustained behavior. In this commentary, I argue that successful implementation requires leaders to engage in a translation process that contains three key translation “moments”. The challenges presented by these […]

How Decisions Can Be Organized – and Why It Matters

Recent theoretical advances allow organizational designers and managers to better understand how decision processes can be improved. These advances allow managers to address a number of critical questions about the structure and process of decision making, issues that are relevant for any kind of organization be it social, political, or economic. Can we add another […]

Open Innovation Key for Modern Local Authorities

The LocalGov website notes that open innovation has never been more apt than in the public sector right now, with the on-going pressure to improve efficiencies and services with ever-decreasing resources. The public sector must therefore be as open as possible when it comes to sourcing and capturing innovative ideas that can help address issues […]

Why It’s Time to Disrupt Old Business Models

An article on the  GreenBiz website notes that it’s a hard sell to convince a CEO to change a business model based on threats or opportunities that have not yet materialized. Innovation, therefore, often remains piecemeal or incremental, rather than transformational, fundamental and system-wide. But as global trends — environmental, social, political, technological — continue to shift […]