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soleRebels Footwear


SoleRebels is a small Ethiopian shoe company selling globally through the internet. Most of the shoes made from “vegan-friendly” local cotton, jute and hemp. This is just one example of the innovation in manufacturer taking place across Africa.  The founder of SoleRebel, Bethlehem Alemu is an innovative entrepreneur with a vision to create a global […]

About iHub Research

Driving local tech research in Africa Hub Research is  the research arm of the iHub  focused on conducting  high quality research with an emphasis on technology and its uses in Africa. We facilitate local research capacity building and conduct local qualitative and quantitative research in East Africa, by East Africans. We bring information on technology […]

Tommy Fernandes

Supplying electricity to African families literally means giving power to lead better lives. Two years ago, Tommy Fernandes started a not-for-profit organization that supplies solar power systems to rural villages and semi-urban townships in South Africa. With donations of private investors, service clubs like Rotary and companies, Tommy’s initiative is literally bringing light to families […]