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Forecasting aggregated wind power production of multiple wind farms using hybrid wavelet-PSO-NNs

SUMMARY This paper describes the problem of short-term wind power production forecasting based on meteorological information. Aggregated wind power forecasts are produced for multiple wind farms using a hybrid intelligent algorithm that uses a data filtering technique based on wavelet transform (WT) and a soft computing model (SCM) based on neural network (NN), which is […]

Stanford study could lead to paradigm shift in organic solar cell research

Organic solar cells have long been touted as lightweight, low-cost alternatives to rigid solar panels made of silicon. Dramatic improvements in the efficiency of organic photovoltaics have been made in recent years, yet the fundamental question of how these devices convert sunlight into electricity is still hotly debated. Now a Stanford University research team is […]

UC’s SmartLight More Than a Bright Idea, It’s a Revolution in Interior Lighting Ready to Shine

p5rn7vb The innovative solar technology “would change the equation for energy,” according to UC researchers. A pair of University of Cincinnati researchers has seen the light – a bright, powerful light – and it just might change the future of how building interiors are brightened. In fact, that light comes directly from the sun. And […]

Scientists develop heat-resistant materials that could vastly improve solar cell efficiency

Scientists have created a heat-resistant thermal emitter that could significantly improve the efficiency of solar cells. The novel component is designed to convert heat from the sun into infrared light, which can than be absorbed by solar cells to make electricity – a technology known as thermophotovoltaics. Unlike earlier prototypes that fell apart at temperatures […]

Optimization of hydrogen production from pretreated rice straw waste in a mesophilic up-flow anaerobic staged reactor

SUMMARY This study was carried out to assess the efficiency of a mesophilic up-flow anaerobic staged reactor for continuous H2 production from pretreated rice straw waste. The reactor was operated at different hydraulic retention times (HRTs) of 20, 16, 12, 8 and 4 h. The organic loading rate and sludge residence time were kept constant at […]

Team uses a cellulosic biofuels byproduct to increase ethanol yield

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Scientists report in Nature Communications that they have engineered yeast to consume acetic acid, a previously unwanted byproduct of the process of converting plant leaves, stems and other tissues into biofuels. The innovation increases ethanol yield from lignocellulosic sources by about 10 percent. Lignocellulose is the fibrous material that makes up the […]