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Researchers tackle new challenge in pursuit of the next generation of lithium batteries

The creation of the next generation of batteries depends on finding materials that provide greater storage capacity. One variety, known as lithium-air (Li-air) batteries, are particularly appealing to researchers because they have a significantly higher theoretical capacity than conventional lithium-ion batteries. Go to Source Tags: lithium, Lithium-ion battery, Lithium–air battery

Harnessing the power of lightning to charge a mobile phone

Scientists from the University of Southampton have collaborated with Nokia on ground-breaking, proof-of-concept research into harnessing the power of lightning for personal use, an industry first that could potentially see consumers tap one of nature’s significant energy sources to charge their devices in a sustainable manner. Go to Source Tags: Lightning, Mobile phone, Inductive charging

First gasoline produced by bioliq pilot plant

For the first time, gasoline is produced by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The synthesis stage of the bioliq pilot plant successfully started operation. Hence, KIT, in cooperation with Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH, has progressed further in the production of environmentally compatible fuels from residual biomass. Now, all stages of the bioliq process, i.e. flash pyrolysis, […]

New research suggests perovskite as cheaper replacement for silicon-based solar panels

( —Researchers at Oxford Photovoltaics and other companies investigating the use of perovskite—a crystalline organometal—as a replacement for silicon in photovoltaic cells have created prototypes that are approximately 15 percent efficient. But this is apparently just the beginning. Kevin Bullis suggests in an article published this week in MIT Technology Review, that researchers are predicting […]

Using bacteria batteries to make electricity

( —Their idea is state of the art: Ten Bielefeld students have set their sights on constructing a bio-battery. They want to make use of the bacteria Escherichia coli to convert glucose into energy. With this project, they are taking part in this year’s ‘international Genetically Engineered Machine competition’ (iGEM) at the Massachusetts Institute of […]

The Renewable Energy Market Is Starting To Be Ruled By Emerging Companies

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Investment on Renewable Energies at stake. For the first time in eight years, indicators inform that the investment in renewable energies is at stake. Nevertheless, Ernst & Young says that this is not all bad news because there are currently emerging markets showing a strong growth especially in the regions of MENA and South Africa […]