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What are the emerging markets for mobile payments in EA

Emerging markets, those nations who have a physical financial infrastructure including banks, a stock exchange and a unified currency and whose economy is progressing, offer lucrative opportunities for mobile payments. Especially in East Africa, where mobile payments have gained unparalleled traction for businesses that offer travel bookings, online purchasing, loan payments, or even for consumers who […]

The Red Queen in action: The longitudinal effects of capital investments in the mobile telecommunications sector

Organizations undertake capital investments in technology to generate revenues or decrease costs, and thereby enhance profitability. However, Red Queen–type responses by competing organizations in the form of rapid imitation and escalating of technology investments erode the ability of the investing organizations to sustain gains in profitability. Productivity gains from these investments may persist, but they […]

Airtel and Warid Innovate as Sim Registration Deadline Draws Near

Airtel Uganda today at a press conference announced an a couple of innovations that it hopes would speed up the SIM card registration process of its customers as the deadline draws closer. Among these is; “Partial” Registration introduced.  If you register you get 20 minutes of voice and 20 SMS messages.  Airtel Warid Registered Customers […]

An instrument for discovering new mobile service opportunities

This study proposes a systematic approach to discovering new mobile service opportunities from related documents to overcome the weaknesses of previous methods based on the judgements of experts. At the heart of the suggested approach is text mining to explicitly specify the meanings of documents and information visualisation to effectively explore critical implications. Specifically, we […]

Infrastructure Development: Public Private Partnership Path for Developing Rural Telecommunications in Africa

It is the quest of every government to achieve universal Access and service of telecommunication services and ICTs. Unfortunately due to the high cost of deploying infrastructure in rural areas of developing countries due to non-significant or no economic activity, this dream of achieving Universal access and service of telecommunications/ICTs have been stalled. This paper […]