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JUST over a week ago, Schumpeter wrote about the collapse of Mt Gox, the once-dominant Bitcoin exchange that disappeared in late February along with almost half a billion dollars of customers’ cryptocurrency (and $65 million of its own)—all presumed stolen. Schumpeter’s reward for his article was open warfare in the comments section. A large minority […]

The search for a cure for AIDS: If it ain’t broke…

To your very good health, sir! GENE therapy usually works by repairing a broken gene or creating a new one where none previously existed. Breaking a working gene to effect a cure is a novel approach. That, though, is what Carl June of the University of Pennsylvania and his colleagues are trying to do. As […]

Bioprinters: Printing a bit of me

UK Only Article: standard article Issue: Printing a bit of me Fly Title: Bioprinters Rubric: Bioprinting: Building living tissue with a 3D printer is becoming a new business, but making whole organs for transplant remains elusive Main image: 20140308_TQD007_0.jpg IN A state-of-the-art clean room, a scientist clad in a full-body containment suit, a hair net […]

Genetically modified crops: Fields of beaten gold

UK Only Article: standard article Issue: The rise of BlackRock Fly Title: Genetically modified crops Rubric: Greens say climate-change deniers are unscientific and dangerous. So are greens who oppose GM crops Main image: 20131207_LDP004_1.jpg IN AUGUST environmentalists in the Philippines vandalised a field of Golden Rice, an experimental grain whose genes had been modified to […]

What exactly is an entrepreneur?

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Entrepreneurs are everybody’s favourite heroes. Politicians want to clone them. Popular television programmes such as “The Apprentice” and “Dragons’ Den” lionise them. School textbooks praise them. When the author of this blog was at Oxford “entrepreneur” was a dirty word. Today the Entrepreneur’s Society is one of the university’s most popular social clubs. But what […]