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Traditional ranching practices enhance African savanna

New Haven, Conn.— That human land use destroys natural ecosystems is an oft-cited assumption in conservation, but ecologists have discovered that instead, traditional ranching techniques in the African savanna enhance the local abundance of wild, native animals. These results offer a new perspective on the roles humans play in natural systems, and inform ongoing discussions […]

African Inventors

Antique Compass, Maps, and Globe

I found this website ( and got permission from the owners to use their material.  Below is a reproduced from the site: A great deal of Africans regularly design and manufacture simple or complex equipment with local materials or scrap. However, they do not always have a space where they can express themselves and exhibit […]

Identifying Digital Opportunities for African Youth

While global leaders met in Davos last month at the World Economic Forum focused on Resilient Dynamism, The Rockefeller Foundation hosted a meeting in New York focused on how African youth can be resilient in a dynamic global economy. We brought together a diverse group of representatives from the information and communication technology (ICT) sector including Accenture, Microsoft, […]

African farmers could soon grow virus-resistant cassava

p5rn7vb From SciDev [CAPE TOWN] Researchers in Zurich, Switzerland, have successfully developed a strain of virus-resistant cassava, and now hope to train scientists in Africa to develop the technology in laboratories on the continent. The study, which demonstrated that researchers can now generate transgenic farmer- and industry-preferred cassava, was published inPLOS One last month (25 September). Herve Vanderschuren, the study’s […]