Traditional ranching practices enhance African savanna

New Haven, Conn.— That human land use destroys natural ecosystems is an oft-cited assumption in conservation, but ecologists have discovered that instead, traditional ranching techniques in the African savanna enhance the local abundance of wild, native animals. These results offer a new perspective on the roles humans play in natural systems, and inform ongoing discussions about land management and biodiversity conservation. Read more

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African Inventors


I found this website ( and got permission from the owners to use their material.  Below is a reproduced from the site:

A great deal of Africans regularly design and manufacture simple or complex equipment with local materials or scrap. However, they do not always have a space where they can express themselves and exhibit their inventions. This virtual space provided by Kumatoo brings together these inventors to give greater visibility to their creations. Read more

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Identifying Digital Opportunities for African Youth

While global leaders met in Davos last month at the World Economic Forum focused on Resilient Dynamism, The Rockefeller Foundation hosted a meeting in New York focused on how African youth can be resilient in a dynamic global economy. We brought together a diverse group of representatives from the information and communication technology (ICT) sector including AccentureMicrosoft, CISCO and IBM with non-profits MercyCorps and International Youth Foundation, major donors USAID and IFC along with thought leaders and Rockefeller Foundation partners like Digital Divide Data, SamasourceMonitor Deloitte and the William Davidson Institute to identify promising areas in the digital economy that can provide job opportunities for African youth.

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Ghana’s telecoms sector has created 1.5 million jobs, report

Aside from providing a wide array of services to Ghana’s population, telecommunications firms in the country play significant roles in developing the West African nation’s economy.

Original post: Ghana’s telecoms sector has created 1.5 million jobs, report

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African farmers could soon grow virus-resistant cassava

From SciDev

[CAPE TOWN] Researchers in Zurich, Switzerland, have successfully developed a strain of virus-resistant cassava, and now hope to train scientists in Africa to develop the technology in laboratories on the continent.

The study, which demonstrated that researchers can now generate transgenic farmer- and industry-preferred cassava, was published inPLOS One last month (25 September).

Herve Vanderschuren, the study’s lead author, and head of the cassava research team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, said the research team had developed a new cassava variety that is resistant to cassava mosaic disease and cassava brown streak virus, an infection that makes cassava roots unpalatable.
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