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Can You Really Make a Fortune in BoP Health Care?


Paul Polak is one of the leading voices in social enterprise, and a man on a mission: to convince the world that socially responsible for-profit business is the best tool for alleviating global poverty. That belief has formed the basis for his non-profits (International Development Enterprises and D-Rev) for-profits (Windhorse International), and books (Out of Poverty and the […]

NexThought Monday: Franchising at the BoP – Identifying Best Practices

Best practices for BoP franchise models are constantly evolving. New and existing franchises alike regularly look to one another for advice. Now they have another resource: Waltraud Martiusand her book Fairplay Franchising. The book presents a set of principles that apply across franchise models. Martius’ name has been abuzz within the BoP field since she was a […]