Building Business Models

The LiveMint website noted that the reason a business model exists is because it articulates how a business creates, delivers and captures value. This is vital. Then why aren’t there as many books on business models as there are on strategy? The answer is perhaps linked to another question: why don’t organizations devote attention to … Read more

Deploying e-health service innovations – an early stage business model engineering and regulatory validation approach

The objective of this study was to design a viable business model for commercially deploying an e-health service innovation – i.e. a so-called myofeedback-based teletreatment service – in the R&D deployment phase. In this paper, the business model and regulatory validation strategy used to conceptualise the deployment of this e-health service innovation is described, analysed … Read more

The Embedded Enterprise

By Ted Ladd Entrepreneurs who operate in impoverished regions of the world face a quandary: Even though the need for their products and services is enormous, the challenge of bringing those products and services to market can be nearly insurmountable. Without access to mass media or even mass communications, entrepreneurs have no established channels through … Read more

The Hidden Pitfalls of Inclusive Innovation

By Raghav Narsalay, Leandro Pongeluppe, & David Light

A few years ago, a large multinational corporation
developed a new food product
designed for low-income people in emerging
markets. The product was highly nutritious
and low-priced. To win the trust of people
in remote rural communities, the company recruited a sales force
of local women, who in turn developed recipes using the product
and helped teach community members how to prepare those dishes.
A yearlong trial confirmed the product’s potential: consumers
found it easy to use and less expensive than common alternatives.
Success seemed all but guaranteed.

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Executing Lean Growth Strategies

The Business and Leadership website noted that lean thinking, customer development frameworks and business model innovation are transforming how new products are built and how growth strategies are developed. These frameworks help organizations design products that customers need and help reinvent their business models. Lean offers ways to cut work time and eliminate waste. Customer … Read more

Elements of Sustainable Business Models

The authors present the elements constituting an advantageous business model, and suggest how to achieve that competitive edge. They argue that traditional innovation processes with funnelling front-end, stage-gate with go/kill decisions, and similar processes have inherent limitations in such an inclusive concept. They propose an alternative approach, driven by strategic business options. A business model, … Read more

The business model dilemma of technology shifts

Publication date: Available online 13 March 2014Source:Technovation Author(s): Stefan Tongur , Mats Engwall Technology shifts are lethal to many manufacturing companies. Previous research indicates that this is not purely a problem of technological innovation, but is also closely related to the inertia of business models and business model innovation. This paper inquires into the dynamics … Read more