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Elements of Sustainable Business Models

The authors present the elements constituting an advantageous business model, and suggest how to achieve that competitive edge. They argue that traditional innovation processes with funnelling front-end, stage-gate with go/kill decisions, and similar processes have inherent limitations in such an inclusive concept. They propose an alternative approach, driven by strategic business options. A business model, […]

The business model dilemma of technology shifts

Publication date: Available online 13 March 2014Source:Technovation Author(s): Stefan Tongur , Mats Engwall Technology shifts are lethal to many manufacturing companies. Previous research indicates that this is not purely a problem of technological innovation, but is also closely related to the inertia of business models and business model innovation. This paper inquires into the dynamics […]

How to Do Business Model Innovation for the Established Firm

This article provides a systematic framework for helping executives of large, established organizations identify opportunities for business model innovation and organize themselves to pursue these opportunities. While also applicable to start-ups, this article focuses primarily on how to define, challenge, and revamp the business model of an existing business or organization. Go to Source p5rn7vb […]

20 Business Model Innovations

The Eco-Business website noted that  the idea of business model innovation—that a company could launch a new business model never conceived of before, or transform an existing business model—has long captivated business leaders. And yet, executives are often held back by vested interests in their current approach: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But as […]

Who’s Managing Your Company’s Network Effects?

Much as war is too important to be left to the generals, the business of network effects is too valuable to be entrusted to the CMOs and CIOs. Network effects make Google Google, Facebook Facebook, Twitter Twitter, Netflix Netflix and  Pinterest Pinterest. Network effects are the not-so-secret sauce profitably flavoring Amazon’s recommendation engines and Apple’s […]

Shared cluster resources as a source of core capabilities

Shared cluster resources as a source of core capabilities Nuno César Cardeal; Celine Abecassis-Moedas; Nelson Santos António International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Vol. 21, No. 1 (2014) pp. 55 – 78 Literature on clusters acknowledges the existence of resources that are shared by firms in the same cluster. The literature on dynamic capabilities […]

Micro-Franchising: How Business-in-a-Box Can Change Development

Paul Breloff from Accion Venture Lab recently wrote a NextBillion post recommending approaches to facilitate “thinking globally” while “innovating locally.” While many businesses strain to reach this goal, the micro-franchise business model accomplishes this concept exactly. Go to Source Tags: Business model, Contract law, marketing, Franchising, Micro Cars