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Corporate governance, value and performance of firms: new empirical results on convergence from a large international database

This article aims to revisit the link between corporate governance, value, and firm performance by focusing on convergence, understood as the way that non-US firms are adopting US best practice in terms of corporate governance, and the implications of this adoption. We examine theoretical questions related to conventional models (agency theory, transaction cost economics, and […]

Elements of Sustainable Business Models

The authors present the elements constituting an advantageous business model, and suggest how to achieve that competitive edge. They argue that traditional innovation processes with funnelling front-end, stage-gate with go/kill decisions, and similar processes have inherent limitations in such an inclusive concept. They propose an alternative approach, driven by strategic business options. A business model, […]

Competitive Cities: Which Are They, and Why Should We Care?

With the majority of the world’s population now urban, cities are rising in prominence. Growing attention is being paid to cities’ potential to increase incomes and create jobs – whether through financial services and electronics manufacturing in Chennai, regionally integrated manufacturing around Guangzhou, or social and physical transformation in Medellin. Less prominent cities are asking […]

The wisdom of crowds: The potential of online communities as a tool for data analysis

Publication date: April 2014Source:Technovation, Volume 34, Issue 4 Author(s): Marian Garcia Martinez , Bryn Walton Online communities have become an important source for knowledge and new ideas. This paper considers the potential of crowdsourcing as a tool for data analysis to address the increasing problems faced by companies in trying to deal with “Big Data”. […]

The invisible hand in entrepreneurial process: bricolage in emerging economies

The entrepreneurial process in emerging economies is receiving more interests but the critical role of bricolage is still in dearth. Entrepreneurs in these highly uncertain and dynamic environments discover, develop, and exploit opportunities with limited and idiosyncratic resources. They also navigate the entrepreneurial process within restrictive and unsupportive institutional environments. In this dynamic and often […]

Agricultural technology commercialisation: stakeholders, business models, and abiotic stressors – Part 1

Agricultural technology commercialisation: stakeholders, business models, and abiotic stressors – Part 1 Stephen Suffian; Arianna De Reus; Curtis Eckard; Amy Copley; Khanjan Mehta International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Vol. 2, No. 5 (2013) pp. 415 – 437 A wide range of innovative technologies have emerged to facilitate the creation, expansion, and streamlining of […]