How to Get the Most from your Innovation Software: Key Process Considerations

HYPE Innovation is producing a series of five articles to help innovation practitioners, and those new to collaborative innovation, understand how to build a successful and sustainable enterprise program. Each article will address a different theme, will focus on clear actions any company can take, and highlight pitfalls to avoid. The first article in this … Read more

Thinking of Creating an Innovation Centre of Excellence? Think again.

Organizations create centers of excellence to distill and disseminate best practices on any number of topics. Using this approach to support collaborative innovation has certain drawbacks, however. In this article Doug Collins identifies the drawbacks and explores an alternative way to support collaborative innovation which respects the tenets of the practice by adopting principles from … Read more

End of the Great-Man Theory of Innovation

The Businessweek site noted that collaborative innovation is the sort of concept that periodically seizes management circles. Most people have heard about it, something to do with mixed teams of insiders and outsiders. What most haven’t got their minds around is that as it moves from phenomenon to commonplace, collaborative innovation will change not only how innovation … Read more

What’s That Smell? Skunk Works® Meets Collaborative Innovation


The front and back ends of innovation test us in different ways. At the front end we wrestle with, “What problem is worth solving?” At the back end we wrestle with, “How do deliver something that offers greater relative advantage than the next best alternative?” The back end can test us the most. We tap … Read more

Trust formation processes in innovative collaborations: Networking as knowledge building practices



Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the practices and processes of trust building and use in collaborative networking for product innovation and to compare face to face with virtual networking.

Design/methodology/approach – Guided by a literature review and preliminary participant observation, 16 open ended interviews collected data about the processes in 11 small biotech firms. These data were inductively analysed by the constant comparative method to develop explanatory themes.

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Ascend Your Innovation Plateau: Think Leadership

Practice makes perfect. People master collaborative innovation as they convene people on the critical conversations and as they navigate the day in a life of innovation challenges. What’s next? What possibilities do we see for further progress? What possibilities do we see for leadership? In this article, innovation architect Doug Collins shares insights for the … Read more