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How To Really Measure a Company’s Innovation Prowess


Who is the world’s most innovative company? The editors of Fast Company say Nike. Last year, number crunchers at Forbes found that is the company with the highest “Innovation Premium” baked into its stock price. MIT Technology Review didn’t pick a winner, but on its recent list of top 50 “disruptors,” the magazine mixed […]

How to Emerge from Crisis by Knowing your Innovation Growth Opportunities & Competitors’ Strengths


Companies sometimes behave like the ostrich with their head in the ground while others emerge from the crisis like a phoenix. Not knowing with which new products or services your company really earns money is a bit like the ostrich. However there are effective means to gain transparency on innovation spending without too much effort. […]

Rethinking the Function of Business Functions


Business units come and go, but finance, HR, IT, marketing, legal, and R&D are forever. Nonetheless, many CEOs and top executives struggle with their functional organizations, and some question whether the established functional model is still relevant. In their view, functional priorities are all too often in conflict with — or not fully supportive of […]

Make Your Next Innovation Jam Work


Jamming has become a popular way to unearth innovations — bringing together people of many different backgrounds to creatively brainstorm around a company’s competitive challenges, expressed as “problem statements.” Yet although the process is widely hyped, many companies struggle to make them work. Tags: Company, problem statement, jamming session