Africa is finally booming, but don’t break out the champagne yet

Africans are celebrating levels of economic growth and political stability that were unthinkable just 10 years ago, but without the appropriate economic and political reforms, the continent could quickly relapse. Beyond its usual calls for political reform, a recent Economist article urges Africans to work faster to diversify their economy and promote trade: Read more

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Electronics giant in African technical training push

Samsung Africa will have six operational engineering academies across Africa by the end of the year, as well as many e-learning centres, ‘smart’ schools and skills- development centres, which will use technology and train the continent’s youthful demographic to develop the skills needed on the continent and by the company, says Samsung Africa business-to-government and corporate citizenship head Ntutule Tshenye. “Samsung uses and supports several educational and skills development channels and partnerships and we believe in developing young people for the future requirements of the continent, specifically using the good synergies between youths and their interests in technology,” he says.
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Gaming Scene in Africa | Maliyo Games Vs Ma3Racer

BY Sam Wakoba

Move over Rovio’s Angry Birds and Bad Piggies. Gaming startups in Africa are changing the game scene on the continent, slowly replacing internationally popular games.

Nigeria’s Maliyo Games is at the moment pushing for local content for the more than 160 million people online and the one billion mobile subscribers in Africa. According to Hugo Obi founder of Maliyo Games, the lack of African themed games both online on mobile phones left a gap which even popular Nollywood movies could not fill.  When they began, no one was developing games specifically for Africa. Read more

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Putting Africa First: The Making of African Innovation Systems

Mammo Muchie (Author), Peter Gammeltoft (Author), Bengt-Åke Lundvall (Author)

The expression ‘national systems of innovation’ was introduced in the 1980s to emphasize the interdependence between technical and institutional change. For many reasons, the work on Africa is especially important. No continent has a more complex pattern of national boundaries or of ethnic, religious and tribal subsystems, interacting with sectoral systems. Therefore to understand the patterns of existing innovation systems, and their limitations and to devise ways to deliver much greater benefits to all the peoples of Africa is a fundamental need for the continent. Especially at this time of global economic instability, this work is needed more than ever to ‘put the last first’.

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Anzisha Prize Tour

The Anzisha Prize Tour is on a continent-wide search for Africa’s rising young innovators. African Leadership Academy Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership will be hosting interactive information sessions across the African continent. Centre director Jamila Payne and Anzisha Prize program manager Chi Achebe will be conducting information sessions throughout March and April. To register, send your name, age, gender, email address, and session time of interest via online form on or email Register now, attendance is free but space is limited. Read more

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Asian Interest Means Africa Needs New Economic Vision

“The surge in interest in Africa by China and India requires a different approach that does not view the continent as a helpless victim of foreign influence. To that end African countries are seeking to replace classical foreign policy that focuses on access to markets in return for raw materials with a new vision of economic diplomacy.”

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