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Group of emerging countries move to bolster science

The five Brics countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are continuing their efforts to develop cooperation between themselves in the realm of science and technology. In early November, government officials from the countries’ respective ministries and departments responsible for science, technology and innovation met in Pretoria for a second “Senior Officials Meeting” (the […]

Is Your Company Ready for the Reverse Innovation Revolution?

A growing number of companies are finding that developing low-cost innovations to meet the needs of customers in emerging companies can later be leveraged into disruptive innovations for their most competitive markets in rich countries. Low income countries represent the next big wave of innovation, predicts Greg Satell. Go to Source Tags: Innovation, Countries, Company

Financial Liberalization and Foreign Bank Entry on the Domestic Banking Performance in MENA Countries

Abstract :  This study examines the impact of financial liberalization and foreign bank entry on the domestic banking sector from 1996 to 2007, and builds upon and expands the work of Lee (2002). We find that foreign bank entry, financial liberalization, ownership structure and degree of openness of foreign bank entry positively impact domestic banking system operating efficiency, capitalization, risk management, long-term soundness, financial performance as well as economic and financial development.

The Dynamic Linkages between Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Investment in ECOWAS Countries: A Panel Cointegration Analysis

Abstract :  This paper examines the crowding out or crowding in effect of foreign direct investment inflow on domestic investment in Africa. Data for the period 1970–2008 were extracted from the UN statistical online database and the World Development Indicator 2009 online database and the study employed a recent panel cointegration estimation technique. The study revealed that foreign direct investment inflow crowds out domestic investment in the ECOWAS region.