The Four Types of Digital Marketer

Your company’s customer-centricity profile reveals the capabilities you need to succeed in digital media, as well as whether you are a leader, scholar, pioneer, or novice in this critical marketing field. This article introduces the Booz & Company Digital Customer Centricity Profiler, which enables you to see what kind of digital marketing plan might be … Read more

Know Your Customers Wherever They Are

Jane wants to buy a TV and starts her shopping journey with a Google search. She finds an electronics review site, clicks on a banner ad, reads about the product details, and decides to go into the store to see the model. She speaks with a sales associate and posts a picture of the TV on Facebook for her friends’ feedback. She also uses her smartphone to do a quick price comparison, and scans the QR code to get additional product information.

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Reviewing The Influence Of IT Applications Such As Implementing Online Distribution Channels In Hotel Industry

Purpose: This research aims to study the influence of information technology applications, particularly electronic distribution channels, on success and failure factors that have been devoted to the handling of routine operational problems in the hotel industry.

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