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How to Tell a Story with Data


An excellent visualization, according to Edward Tufte, expresses “complex ideas communicated with clarity, precision and efficiency.” I would add that an excellent visualization also tells a story through the graphical depiction of statistical information. As I discussed in an earlier post, visualization in its educational or confirmational role is really a dynamic form of persuasion. […]

9 Ethical Considerations in Participatory Digital Mapping with Communities

Computer Mouse on World Map

The February 5 Technology Salon in New York City asked “What are the ethics in participatory digital mapping?” Judging by the packed Salon and long waiting list, many of us are struggling with these questions in our work. Some of the key ethical points raised at the Salon related to the benefits of open data […]

A Computer Can Do Your International Development Job Thanks to Open Data

Mainframe Computer Room

At a recent Technology Salon on “How Can We Make Data Useful for Development,” one of the participants put forth an interesting question to the group: Could computers make better international development decisions than humans? Now at first, those present laughed off this question. It borders on fantasy to think a computer could take in […]

Power to Mortals


p5rn7vb Never in the history of humanity has man had more power at his hands to influence the world in which he lives. Man now harnesses tools that were not even imagined a century ago to predict weather, plan and build smart cities 100 years into the future, and solve social-economic problems such as crime […]

4 answers: What will the world look like when people record every second of their lives?

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Working on several industry-changing client projects, diving into new trend studies every week and following many twitter streams every day I also try to live 5 years ahead. I believe that’s important, both for myself and our clients. Recently I backed The Memoto Lifelogging Camera on Kickstarter – a small camera that takes a picture […]