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Understanding The edTech Ecosystem in Kenya – Wireless Wednesday Recap

It is time for an educational revolution from the current education system where students are meant to sit behind desks and work!” says David Kiania. Its time to move to the digital technologies such as computers, mobile devices, digital media creation and distribution tools, videos games  and social networking sites that will transform how we […]

Rwanda’s plan for digital dominance gets a Microsoft boost


  (This is an update on the Microsoft4Afrika initiative highlighted in our February post Windows to the World: Why Microsoft’s $75 Million Mobile Drop Matters) Rwanda has the ambitious goal of becoming Africa’s digital center. Microsoft4Afrika’s expansion into the country is a significant step in that direction. Back in February, Forbes reported the Microsoft 4Afrika […]

Identifying Digital Opportunities for African Youth

While global leaders met in Davos last month at the World Economic Forum focused on Resilient Dynamism, The Rockefeller Foundation hosted a meeting in New York focused on how African youth can be resilient in a dynamic global economy. We brought together a diverse group of representatives from the information and communication technology (ICT) sector including Accenture, Microsoft, […]

The Four Types of Digital Marketer

Your company’s customer-centricity profile reveals the capabilities you need to succeed in digital media, as well as whether you are a leader, scholar, pioneer, or novice in this critical marketing field. This article introduces the Booz & Company Digital Customer Centricity Profiler, which enables you to see what kind of digital marketing plan might be […]