When Business Models Trump Technology

In case you missed it, the 2012 World Food Prize went to Daniel Hillel, an Israeli scientist who, in his own words, “…helped to develop the principle of shifting from low-frequency, high-volume irrigation to high-frequency, low-volume irrigation”, the system known as drip irrigation.

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Emerging vegetable boom in African Sahel honored as best bet for banishing chronic hunger

Awards highlight myth-busting research on human and soil health, key breakthroughs in confronting water scarcity, and extraordinary successes in rice improvement

Montpellier, France (30 March 2010)—With chronic food shortages afflicting 2.5 million people in Niger, agricultural scientists are rolling out a solution for subsistence farmers that consists of small, market-oriented vegetable plots. Nearly 5,000 of the innovative market gardens have been established in Niger and other countries of West and Central Africa’s dry Sahelian region, and the stage is set for a major expansion.

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