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Is entrepreneurship necessarily good? Microeconomic evidence from developed and developing countries

The aim of this study is to provide a microeconomic investigation of the concept of entrepreneurship; in particular, the following issues will be discussed: (i) the alternative ways of looking at entrepreneurship, distinguishing “creative destruction” from simple “turbulence”; (ii) the different microeconomic determinants of new firm formation, distinguishing “progressive” from “regressive” drivers; (iii) the relationship […]

Exploring the idea of the Creative Class in an African city: A case study of ICT professionals in Nairobi

Written by Lauren Rosenberg (see below for her bio) Securing urban economic growth in new economy is less dependent on access to physical resources and increasingly dependent on attracting talent who… [Visit for full links, other content, and more! ] Go to Source Tags: Creative Class, economic growth

The best way to speed up economic growth: Turn on the lights

The Electrify Africa Act of 2013, awaiting committee approval in Congress, will help turn on the lights for millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa. Following President Obama’s Power Africa initiative announced earlier this month, which invests $16 billion in public and private funding to combat energy poverty in Africa, Congress is reviewing a bill that […]

Coordinated reform efforts are key to develop the East African Community

Business reforms can spur economic dynamism in the East African Community East Africa is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and its unique concentration of wild animals. Could it also become as famous for its dynamic economic development? In 2009 I came to Tanzania to work on tax harmonization in the East African Community (EAC). The […]

Social Innovation Creates Prosperous Societies

By Kevin Chika Urama & Ernest Nti Acheampong SUPPLEMENT TO SSIR FUNDED BY THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION Rarely has the need for new ways of thinking been more glaring. From the sluggish economic growth and financial instability of the last several years to the perennial issues of political upheaval, resource crises, hunger, poverty, and disease, people […]

Africa is finally booming, but don’t break out the champagne yet

Businessman Holding World Globe

Social Enterprise Africans are celebrating levels of economic growth and political stability that were unthinkable just 10 years ago, but without the appropriate economic and political reforms, the continent could quickly relapse. Beyond its usual calls for political reform, a recent Economist article urges Africans to work faster to diversify their economy and promote trade: […]