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Economic Factors Driving Africa’s Climate Innovation


“In an email interview with Global Ideas, [Calestous] Juma touches on the challenges and opportunities raised by climate change in Africa, the economic drivers behind a rash of innovations, the role of African universities and why dogma is holding back the continent’s full research potential.” Global Ideas: Is climate awareness and research growing in Africa? […]

Harnessing the Internet to Drive Socio-Economic Development in Africa


Over the last few years Internet penetration has continued to grow in Sub-Saharan Africa.  While the access gap remains significant in most countries, policy makers and the public now know that it’s not just a question of getting more Africans online, but also about the economic benefits that the Internet can bring.  For example, last […]

Why financial inclusion for youth will raise all economic boats


  Groups fighting for financial inclusion and youth employment united in Morocco. Will their findings promote progress? Youth face economic concerns across the globe, but statistics are particularly disturbing in the Middle East and North Africa. In the MENA region, according to the Global Findex, youth have both the lowest rates of access to financial […]

Africa’s Economic Growth Prospects

“The rise in technocratic leadership in Africa is directly related to the emphasis that the continent is placing on economic transformation. But more important, there is growing preference for blending democratic change with managerial competence in running public affairs. This suggests a different type of governance system that combines western party politics and eastern technocracy. […]

Recent Transformations in China’s Economic, Social, and Education Policies for Promoting Innovation and Creativity

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Abstract The purpose of this study is to review major Chinese policies related to creativity education. We first identify and describe the role of innovation and creativity in economic and social development policies over the past 20 years, then analyze how the call for enhanced Chinese innovation and creativity was actualized in corresponding education policies. The […]

With what could Professor’s Paul Bran Economic Thinking Help Us Today, in Full Process of Search of New Theories and New Objectives in the Economic and Financial-Monetary Practice and Science?

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The profound crisis we are all experiencing today, both at global and national level, as well as at regional and individual level, requires a revision of the economic science and school, an objective frequently encountered in the papers of the current academic environment. We can find an answer in the works of the mourned Professor […]

Biotechnology and Africa’s Strategic Interests


“Biotechnology offers Africa a wider range of economic opportunities than the Green Revolution did. It is already being used to improve food production and establish or revive cotton production. Its economic impact is therefore likely to go well beyond the farm sector to include industrial development.” Go to Source Tags: Economic, biotechnology, africa