The Most Efficient Die Early

Everyone knows the story. On March 11, 2011, a magnitude-9.0 earthquake off Japan’s east coast triggered a massive tsunami and led to a cascading series of problems. It wiped away whole towns, killing over 15,000 people and leaving almost 3,000 more missing and presumed dead. Nuclear reactors melted down, disrupting the national grid, reversing energy policies as far away as Germany, and contaminating a part of Japan for generations to come. Read more

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Innovate to Scale

Like a pair of jeans, the difference between a successful innovation and something tight and uncomfortable often comes down to size. A broadening global view of efficiency has increased the importance of scale when it comes to new projects and innovators should take into account social and environmental considerations when determining the scale of their innovations.
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Growing sorghum for biofuel

Iowa State researchers examine the efficiencies and environmental impacts of growing sorghum for ethanol

Conversion of sorghum grass to ethanol has increased with the interest in renewable fuel sources. Researchers at Iowa State University examined 12 varieties of sorghum grass grown in single and double cropping systems. The experiment was designed to test the efficiency of double cropping sorghum grass to increase its yield for biofuel production. Read more

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