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Analysis of e-service of electricity utility provider: an Indian perspective

Customers always expect delivery of high quality services from a service provider at a reasonable cost. In turn, organisations recognise service quality as one of the major competing weapon for their own sustainability in a stiff competitive environment. Service quality represents the gap between customers’ expectations of how an organisation should perform and the service […]

Solar-powered, mobile phone charging kiosk

ARED has developed a solar-powered, mobile phone charging kiosk that can be towed behind a bicycle, a major mode of transportation in Rwanda. ARED is meeting a tremendous need: access to electricity to charge cell phones. The solution is clean energy, grass roots entrepreneurs, and mobility. The problem is that while around 40% of households […]

Doing good with green: How d.light is making solar work

Publishers note: Worth looking at Bright Products too: An American solar company is showing the world how to get electricity to poor families cleanly and efficiently, and how to make money at the same time. San Francisco-based d.light has stunned impact investors this year, forecasting a profit for the first time as the company enters […]

Two crucial questions for the smart grid

In a lively panel discussion at last week’s IEEE Industrial Electronics Society meeting in Montreal, two questions related to the smart grid (the prospective electrical distribution system that will set prices dynamically and let consumers sell electricity to other users easily) arose that I think we’ll hear much more about in coming years: Tags: industrial, […]

Uncorking Bottled Light: A Study In Energy Access, Acceptance


In Dhaka, the Mirpur district has become a perfect study into the electricity needs and habits of slum-dwellers, as well as the potential for alternative light sources. Mirpur is a northeastern district in Bangladesh’s capital city. It is home to the Dhaka Zoo, the National Botanical Garden, the Grameen Bank’s head office and nationally recognized colleges and […]

V3Solar photovoltaic Spin Cell generates 20 times more electricity per cell than flat panels

(—V3Solar has developed a new way to convert the sun’s energy into electricity using traditional technology in a new way, and in so doing have discovered a way to get twenty times more electricity out of the same amount of solar cells. Their new device, called the Spin Cell, does away with the traditional flat […]