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Increase Workplace Flexibility and Boost Performance

The potential benefits of workplace variability are numerous — increased morale, motivation, and the ability to attract and retain talent — yet many managers don’t know where to start. Others are afraid that performance could suffer or something important could fall through the cracks. Even the most employee-oriented managers have concerns about having employees work outside […]

USAID Landscape Survey: Mobiles and Youth Workforce Development

p5rn7vb Youth make up 17 percent of the world’s population and 40 percent of the world’s unemployed, according to the International Labor Organization. A number of factors combine to make sustainable, decent employment an enormous challenge for youth the world over, including low levels of education and technical skills, slow job growth, lack of information […]

Human Capital and Development


The Indian Experience The papers included in this volume cover several aspects of human capital. It starts with the role of human capital in influencing productivity, employment and growth of employment. The chapters show that Indian States that have been neglecting schooling and health facilities have become victims in terms of low productivity and lower […]

Microfinance Is Good for Women, but It’s Only Part of the Solution

Ellen Kullman (DuPont), Maria das Graças Silva Foster (Petrobras), and Chua Sock Koong (Singapore Telecommunications) lead three of the most powerful companies in the world. These women, like many other great leaders, got there by working their way up the ladder — not by founding entrepreneurial ventures. Tags: employment, women, microfinance