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What it Means to Learn Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial former Stanford students Kit Rodgers, Steve Garrity and Divya Nag discuss whether entrepreneurship can be taught or learned, and whether entrepreneurial skills come from innate qualities within an individual. Concepts explored include exposure to conducive environments, being entrepreneurially-minded as a member of a team, and the importance of pattern recognition. Go to Source Tags: […]

Orange launches second edition of the Orange African Social Venture Prize

  Armed with the success of the previous edition in 2011, Orange has launched the second edition of its Orange African Social Venture Prize. The goal is to promote social innovation that supports development through Information and Communication Technology (ICT). With this prize, Orange will provide a financial endowment as well as expert-support to young […]

A Comparative Study of Entrepreneurs’ Attitudes to Failure in Technology Ventures

Entrepreneurs develop new technology ventures in uncertain conditions with unproven technologies and limited resources. The majority of such ventures fail. Examining entrepreneurs’ attitudes to failure may reveal much about how entrepreneurs learn and how they identify subsequent opportunities. Tags: Entrepreneur, attitude, Technology, failure, psychology

Proactive Personality and Entrepreneurial Intent: Is Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy a Mediator or Moderator?

Abstract Purpose – Purpose – The purpose of the present study, which is part of a larger cross-cultural study, was to examine two potential antecedents of entrepreneurial intent (EI): proactive personality (PP) and entrepreneurial self-efficacy (ESE). Specifically, we were interested in empirically testing the mechanism (mediation/moderation) by which ESE affected the relationship between PP/EI. Tags: […]

Action Learning in New Creative Ventures

Abstract Purpose – This article explores the integrated processes of action learning, entrepreneurial learning and new venture creation by students and graduates in the creative industries by addressing two questions: 1. How do action learning and entrepreneurial learning connect with new venture creation in the context of the creative industries? 2. How does learning influence […]

Entrepreneurial attitudes and intentions: assessing gender specific differences

Entrepreneurial attitudes and intentions: assessing gender specific differences Andreas Strobl; Christopher Kronenberg; Mike Peters International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Vol. 15, No. 4 (2012) pp. 452 – 468 The attitude towards entrepreneurship can strongly influence the probability of individuals to become self-employed. The mindset or attitudes of an individual to move into self-employment […]

The socially-dynamic entrepreneurial process: an anthropological approach

Large shares of the entrepreneurship research are informed by two central lines of thought. One focuses on the role of formal and informal social networks for mobilising resources and obtaining information about new markets and opportunities. The other conceives of individual personality traits or cognitive schemes as the independent variable behind entrepreneurial activity. Elaborating on […]