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Cognitive consequences of business shut down. The case of Ugandan repeat entrepreneurs


Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to focus on the cognitive and motivational consequences of a business failure, and their relation with subsequent start up success. The paper hypothesizes that if previous business failure was attributed to an internal and stable cause, subsequent business would be less successful compared to where an […]

How Innovation Ecosystems Turn Outsiders into Collaborators

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Running a truly innovative company means constantly improving your innovation culture and process. Running a successful innovation ecosystem, however, demands more. Successful innovation ecosystems make people outside the company measurably smarter, richer, and more innovative. Biologically speaking, innovation ecosystems invest in symbiosis, not parasitism. Growth isn’t zero-sum. Jeff Bezos knows. So do Larry Page and new Microsoft […]

Entreprenuering together: his and her stories

Abstract Purpose – Among the various “critical” voices which have contributed to problematizing the discourse on entrepreneurship, that of gender studies is indubitably one of the most significant and fruitful. Applying a gender perspective to the study of entrepreneurship has led to the uncovering of the (male) gender assumptions embodied in the dictates of entrepreneurship […]

When the Recipe Is More Important Than the Ingredients: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) of Service Innovation Configurations

Service innovation is a primary source of competitive advantage and a research priority. However, empirical evidence about the impact of innovativeness on new service adoption is inconclusive. A plausible explanation is that service innovation has thus far been studied using new product frameworks that do not fully capture the complexity of new service assessments by […]

Emancipation and/or oppression? Conceptualizing dimensions of criticality in entrepreneurship studies

Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to use the attribute “critical” as a sensitizing concept to emphasize entrepreneurship’s role in overcoming extant relations of exploitation, domination and oppression. It builds on the premise that entrepreneurship not only brings about new firms, products and services but also new openings for more liberating forms […]

Female Entrepreneurship: What Support Programs Should Do (and What They Should Avoid Doing)

Take a look at the nine points listed below, and think about the various support programs for women entrepreneurs that you may be familiar with. Have you seen these factors before? Ignore gender differences Create curriculum around PowerPoint (Stand and deliver) Emphasis on existing idea or opportunity Use of big business examples Use of industry […]

Teaching entrepreneurship using Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Publication date: April 2014Source:Technovation, Volume 34, Issue 4 Author(s): Mushtak Al-Atabi , Jennifer DeBoer Entrepreneurship as a skill and process is increasingly being taught as a part of various university educational programmes. The literature is divided on the effectiveness of traditional methods to teach entrepreneurship. We consider the achievement of students learning outcomes in entrepreneurship […]